Sunday, January 17, 2010

My New Home in Goma

I left Port-au-Prince January 3. I arrived in Goma January 15. In between, everything changed. My home city for 8 years was destroyed by earthquake. Instead of simply looking forward to new adventures in Goma, my journey here was filled with thoughts, prayers and longing for my friends and former colleagues in Haiti. Even now, I compulsively check e-mail and Facebook updates to check-in on the situation and send whatever encouragement I possibly can.

It doesn't seem fair that I am not there to share in the tragedy, but rather here, where the birds are singing, music is playing and food is in ample supply.

But, this is where I am. Although my heart is heavy, I know I must dive into my new life, my new home here in Goma. And so, I am writing to share with you my new adventure.


  1. What an awesome description. I feel as if I can see what you did. I know that being there is bittersweet for you, but I am glad. I know that you are not trapped under a building or homeless or worse. Sorry, I'm selfish. I am very proud of you and envy you at the same time. Thank you for creating this blog, I look forward to reading your future entries.

    Love you, Suzanne

  2. Oh Charity!
    How interesting, funny and intriguing. I was shocked by the roads, garbage and hustling at aiport in PAP. I am glad you are safe there and will follow your blog with great interest. Much love, Helen