Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ti Lamond Sa (This Small World)

Today, waiting for a meeting to start at UNICEF, my colleague, Ib, looked across the yard and said, “I think I recognize that guy.”

We’d just been talking about waving to people from a distance and then once closer recognizing that we, in fact, don’t know them and then feel embarrassed.

I said, “Well, wave to him!” Ib chuckled, and I turned for a closer look.

“No, I think I really know that guy. He looks like the guy I worked with in Chad who worked for Oxfam.”

I turned to look. “The guy in the red shirt?” I looked a little closer. “Actually, he looks kind of like a guy I worked with in Haiti who worked for Oxfam.”

The man in the red shirt and his colleague approached us. As he drew near, both Ib and I exclaimed, “It is him!”.

Then followed a round of hellos and hugs and catching up in Creole.

It was nice to speak Creole and see someone from “before”.

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